This package is currently in beta

If you’re looking for the full version of Frigade that we all know and love, head over to V1 docs. We’re building V2 in public so that you can have a look around if you’d like, contribute ideas, and test how our new features will integrate into your existing Frigade setup.

The majority of our V2 docs are covered in our V2 Quickstart. We’ll be working to docs parity with v1 in the coming weeks. If you have any questions about V2 not covered in these docs, don’t hesitate to reach out.


Great product onboarding is essential. It directly impacts growth, retention, and monetization. Existing no-code tools for building onboarding promise speed and convenience, but in reality they tend to be rigid and clunky. They’re difficult to seamlessly integrate into your product.

Frigade is different. We’ve built a developer-first platform to build and manage product onboarding using React components and an API. With Frigade, you don’t need to trade off between speed and quality. Frigade does both.

We’ve built extensible UI components and a powerful platform, so you don’t have to. Build product onboarding as unique as your product.

Getting Started